Month: September 2016

There are lots of TEDx Talks that I find useful but these are some of the best talks given in TEDxKabul events, I think every Afghan entrepreneur should watch.

TEDx is a program which is run under the TED brand to bring a TED-like experience to as many people as possible. TED events are organized by the TED organization themselves while TEDx events can be organized by anyone for their community after gaining a license from TED, hence “independently organized”. 

The Greatest Salesman in the World Book Review and Summary

It’s about a young man named Hafid in ancient times, which he learns from a very wealthy and successful man his secrets to success so the successful man shares his story of how he learned the secrets of success, when he was young himself, he was given 10 scrolls by a rich man, with a mandate to guard them with his life and pass them on before he died. Each Scroll contains a Principle enabling you to replace a bad habit with a good habit. According to the Author you have to read each scroll three times a day for thirty consecutive days.

Here is what I have learned from Reading this Book “The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino”