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On Feb 27 2016, we celebrated Founder Institute Kabul second semester graduation ceremony held in Khurshid University auditorium. The event also included demos by the graduates from the first and second cohort.

This semester out of 28 participators only two founders were graduated, Elham Kohistani who founded and Kamini Menon who founded TechAfghanistan.

I congratulate both for successfully completing the FI program, and wish them success in their future endeavors.

It’s a great opportunity to launch your dream company with the help from top CEOs, advisors and FI directors. So if you want to apply for The Founder Institute’s next semester in Kabul click Here or Here



Naikbeen Naikpay

I am Naikbeen Naikpay, founder and CEO at SmartMaktab. This is where I share lessons that I'm learning and stuff which I think are useful.

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