Startup Grind Kabul launched in 2016 powered by Google for Entrepreneurs and supported by Etisalat Afghanistan, The First Startup Grind launched by hosting Farshid Ghyasi (Founder of CEO of Netlinks) and this event was hosted by Mr. Ahmad Fahim Didar on 03, March 2016. 

Farshid Ghyasi is the founder of and CEO at NetLinks one of the Leading Technology companies in Afghanistan. Farshid has previously worked at UNDP as Deputy Project Manager in Information and Communications Technology. He has a Masters degree in e-Business Management from the International University of Japan and a Bachelor degree in Management Information Systems from the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

Although he is a great entrepreneur and I was excited to know more about him, He is actually a great guy, he shared some lessons he learned in his entrepreneurial journey but he didn’t inspire me as much as expected, his words contradicted his own words, like at some point he said all new guys are trying to develop a product and then they will know it doesn’t work, and then he says you have to fail to succeed. He doesn’t even recommend people to read books.

So overall the event was good, met and connected with lots of entrepreneurs, the event was hosted at a great venue, amazing setup, and many great entrepreneurs participated.