Top 5 TEDxKabul Talks every Afghan Entrepreneur should watch

There are lots of TEDx Talks that I find useful but these are some of the best talks given in TEDxKabul events, I think every Afghan entrepreneur should watch. TEDx is a program which is run under the TED brand to bring a TED-like experience to as many people as...

The Greatest Salesman in the World Book Review and Summary

It's about a young man named Hafid in ancient times, which he learns from a very wealthy and successful man his secrets to success so the successful man shares his story of how he learned the secrets of success, when he was young himself, he was given 10 scrolls by...

Startup Grind Kabul Event Hosted Suleman Fatimie (Managing Partner ACE)

Mr. Suleman Fatimie is Managing Partner at Afghanistan Center for Excellence (ACE), he has worked in executive positions at different governmental and nongovernmental organizations such as Harakat, EPAA, and AISA. Recently he started his own firm and showed a huge success in short period of time. (more…)

Startup Grind Kabul to Educate, Inspire and Connect Afghan Entrepreneurs

In Afghanistan, the entrepreneurs and startup community is slowly getting larger, stronger and much more open to get involved, A great example of that is Startup Grind Afghanistan. Here the term startup and entrepreneurship are new and events such as Startup Grind Kabul is also kind of unknown to most of the Afghans. However,...

5 Things Afghan People do to Celebrate Nowruz (نوروز)

Nowruz نوروز meaning 'New Day' is the traditional new year ceremony in Afghanistan and countries in Central Asia. In Persian or Dari, 'now نو' means new and 'ruz روز' means day. In Pashto language it is pronounced as نوورځ – "Naw-Wraz" (New Day). This day March 21 is recognized by The United Nations...

Founder Institute Kabul 2nd Graduation

On Feb 27 2016, we celebrated Founder Institute Kabul second semester graduation ceremony held in Khurshid University auditorium. The event also included demos by the graduates from the first and second cohort. This semester out of 28 participators only two founders were graduated, Elham Kohistani who founded and Kamini Menon who founded TechAfghanistan. (more…)

SmartMaktab Idea Pitch

SmartMaktab Idea Pitch - We are digitizing the school education subjects in to range of wide size animated videos available in a structural format through SmartMaktab platform. (more…)