Mr. Suleman Fatimie is Managing Partner at Afghanistan Center for Excellence (ACE), he has worked in executive positions at different governmental and nongovernmental organizations such as Harakat, EPAA, and AISA. Recently he started his own firm and showed a huge success in short period of time.

Startup Grind Kabul Event Hosted Suleman Fatimie on 8, August 2016 and Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend this event, but many of my friends went and talked about it and that encouraged me to at least watch the video on Youtube.

Although I never met him in person and I hope to, I learned great lessons just by watching Fatimie’s Startup Grind Interview. As an entrepreneur having mentors is very important and it’s a blessing for young and aspiring entrepreneurs. It seems that he had great mentors. Now, this inspires me and I would very much like to be his mentee.